ADACELL: Revolutionizing Wireless industry by propagating Network Services

Adacell technologies is featured in CIO India magazine 2016 as “Adacell revolutionizing wireless industry by propagating network services”. “Adacell unwaveringly focuses on levitating standards of Wireless services ensuring seamless access to its customers.” The wireless communication industry is fast moving and constantly adding new technologies to empower end-users with new services that rely on increased data. Consequently, the carriers need to focus on providing data and voice services that are quality, reliable and affordable. Headquartered in Gurgaon, Haryana, Adacell Technologies with Rahul Sahdev as CEO and MD, propounds technical practices to the fast growing wireless industry and deliver services to maximize Network Data and Voice performance. The company offers Network Services to Telecom Operators, OEMs and Tower Companies as well as EPC services, Distribution Franchisee and Smart Grid solutions to Utilities and distribution companies. To ensure quality network, the organization proffers RF and transmission services which comprises of radio network dimensioning. RF Optimization musters coverage planning, capacity and frequency allocation & interference analysis. Along the same line, it includes detailed planning which concentrate on parameter planning for network expansion for coverage, capacity & quality to stay ahead in competitive market.“We have started O&M (operation and maintenance) activities of wireless networks and developing solar solutions for telecom network to make Wi-Fi network work on solar”, states Rahul Sahdev.

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